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This project was all about redesigning the Greendesk brand. Greendesk is a family of co-working spaces spread throughout Brooklyn and queens promoting environmentally-friendly, affordable office spaces spread out in a co-working fashion. I was given a little bit of guidance, including the original logo and a newer logo they wanted me to use as inspiration.

Greendesk Original Logo

Original Logo

Greendesk Logo Example

Logo Example

I took these two designs to heart and went to work on creating a new color. I chose different colors than the two logos I was given, going for a more rich vibrant green that made me think of fresh leaves, rather than the less saturated hues from before. The desk was an icon that they wanted to stay, so I worked on creating a slightly more simplified table, with a leaf to really hammer home the idea of being environmentally friendly. I kept the secondary color grey like in the two other logo designs, though I tried to make it a more similar gray in tone to the green, so as not to either over or under power the elements I added gray to.

Main Logo

Greendesk Logo Full

Logo Icons

Greendesk Logo Desk Icon Greendesk Leaf Logo Icon


Heading // Bebas Neue


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Paragraph // Open Sans


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Color Palette









Greendesk Icons_Affordable

Greendesk Icons_Cleaning Service

Greendesk Icons_Flexibility

Greendesk Icons_Mail-Package Service

Greendesk Icons_Secure

Greendesk Icons_24-7 Access

Greendesk Icons_Fruit Infused Water

Greendesk Icons_Fully-Furnished

Greendesk Icons_High-Speed Internet

Greendesk Icons_Kitchen

Greendesk Icons_Multiprinter