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About Me

My name is Rachael Cattel, and I am a professional illustrator and graphic designer located in New York City! I love all aspects of graphic design—from informational layouts and kick-ass signage to killer logos and slick websites, conveying information in a visually-pleasing way is my passion!

Aside from graphic design, I’m also an illustrator at heart. As a digital illustrator, I enjoy creating images and illustrative designs with a story behind them, whether that story is a one represented in a scene or conveying a story of a brand through an icon set. I have a special sort of joy for seeing the digital brought into the physical through pins or patches, shirts or signage, and I run my own shop doing just that!

Photography and motion design are also passions of mine, rounding out my artistic talents. Being able to mix and match my areas of expertise allows for a whole and fluid design experience while working alone, and the ability to be able to better convey the varying languages of the arts in a more cohesive way while working with a team.

Creative Content Manager at Pearl Realty | Dec 2016 - Present
  • Designs and maintains WordPress websites
  • Creates print-based marketing materials such as fliers & brochures
  • Produces informational sales decks for marketing businesses
  • Designs signage for use throughout NYC
  • Creates and redesigns logos
  • Photographs locations and retouches photographs
  • Illustrates both high-resolution raster and vector-based images
  • Produces motion graphics and edits video for promotional use
Visual Artist & Owner of Prince Xael | Mar 2012 - Present
    • Designs products in the form of merchandise such as shirts, pins, keychains, bags and hats
    • Creates and sets up art-show displays
    • Designs packaging for various merchandise
    • Photographs products for use on the web and on social media
    • Manages social media accounts for business
    • Researches products and works with manufacturers to bring these products to life
    • Comfortable communicating with our far east manufacturing partners
    • Product design specifications for manufacturing in China
    • Quality control and product management for small consumer goods
Freelance Work | Jan 2008 - Present
  • Designs logos and business cards
  • Digitally retouches photographs
  • Illustrates characters & scenes, both digitally and traditionally
  • Designs & illustrates tattoos
Designer at Jay St. Video Games | Sept 2013 - Aug 2016
  • Created in-store branding through the use of signage, posters and business cards
  • Made a variety of different promotional & marketing materials such as fliers, coupons and mail-outs
  • Created and implemented a store loyalty card, ensuring repeat customers
Graphic Design 100 %
Digital Illustration 95 %
Web Design 90 %
Print Design 90 %
Vector Illustration 90 %
Photography 85 %
Photo Retouching 85 %
Motion 80 %
UX Design 80 %